The A-Z of logo design is a visual inspirational start for both designers and clients alike to improve communication with regards to requirements. 
For clients it’s a showcase of imagery, delivering what’s possible but more importantly adding some definition to language between client and designer.
Its the same for the designer except we’ve also made it into a visual thesaurus of technique and styles to draw inspiration from.  Open the file and click on a description to be taking to a relative point of reference.
The discipline of logo design is of course fluid but its purpose is to show originality, representation and communication.  At its best it does not succumb to a trend or imitation, so this tool is not there to create an easy way out or a mass of logos to look the same.
This tool is purely to enhance inspiration and communication in the process of logo design.
Designers: Feel free to download the file and hand it over to the client when filling out the creative brief in exchange for more accurate visual answers.
Clients:  Feel free to download it and as a means of research, inspiration and a tool for visual thinking.   
Take a sneak peak below and download it here
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