Is beauty a thing of materialism?….Or a thing of nature?  Is it the way it’s makes you look?….Or is it how it actually makes you feel?
The focus here was not to be visually beautiful but emotionally and naturally beautiful.  Jaymini is a professional make up “artist” and that is her “art”, to make you beautiful.  Her USP is her experience and professionalism but what counts more is the way she made clients feel.  A beautician who focuses on bringing out the beauty from the inside.  Yes the end result is visually but its the clients end emotion that reveals the real beauty.
We created a number of logo mockups for Beautiful You By Jaymini Parmar, swaying in style between a personal brand and a salon brand and during the development it was clear to see that the identity design of “Beautiful You By Jaymini” needed to remain honest and true.
- It had to use filigree to show a natural touch
- It had to use filigree to reflect the studios interior design
- The design had to be stylish but non-pretentious
- Yet it had to show the skill of such an artist
- And yes it had to be artistic
 Take a look at the final logo development.
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